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Honesty? At last? May 1, 2007

Posted by northern girl . in Ad Truth, Random Thoughts.

Last week while I was in Pensacola trying to consume my body weight in rum (no small feat), I happened to catch parts of morning shows on network TV. While I chugged water and generic Tylenol hoping like hell I’d be able to pull myself together before 8 am, I shook my aching head in disgust at what passed for morning TV.

I was brutally reminded why I hate morning TV. Again. Of all the blither-blather, which sounded more like “Entertainment Tonight” than “news,” I waded through about a week’s worth of “parenting news” online. For you. Yeah – I love you that much.

And while This Piece reads a little too saccharine for me – call me jaded, whatever – it is stabbing in the general direction I’d like us to go here at Omega. Not just for Moms, but for all women. That, and more sharing of shoddy housework. After Pensacola and almost a week away from home, my laundry room may never recover.

Take a look at the article in the link – and let me know what you think, ok? This is a conversation…

(Thanks for picking up the slack, Rootie, while I was away. You, my dear, are a gem. A giant standing “O” for Roo T. Toot.)



1. Tracey - May 1, 2007

Yep, that’s indeed stabbing in right direction. Not that I think I need another self help type book, but I think they are on to something with the sharing their feelings of not feeling ‘perfect’. Which I think is what we’re on about here.. We’re not “perfect” and that’s ok. And there definitely a lot of relief in finding a group of other women who, in different ways, and in their own judgement, not fitting the image of perfect motherhood.

Also telling was the fact that “22 minutes” after starting to talk to someone, the gloss peeled off to reveal the reality. So, maybe next time you’re feeling inadequate next to someone else.. just think to yourself ’22 minutes!” (and maybe you wouldn’t sound as perfect as the image you are putting out’.)

AND.. when you think about it, we probably all tend to attempt to put out that image, partly as a self affirmation thing (I’m ok, I’m doing ok, ok)… and in some ways that’s not a bad thing.. like… it’s better than moping around whining a lot like I tend to do sometimes.. ok.. a lot…

Hmmm.. sorry, that’s totally garbled.. but.. yeah… I guess in a way this Omega thing is just our bloggy version of the support network those two authors struck up between them.

2. Rootietoot - May 1, 2007

Not Bad! Yes indeed- support and sympathy, that’s what we need. This is the direction I was thinking of. Just knowing somone else screams occasionally makes it easier to get through the day.

And more housework pictures. Wanna see my floors? The vacuum cleaner is on strike and the dogs got into the bag of paper shredder leavings and someone slopped a cup of coffee on the (theoretically) white carpet. (white carpet! you shout, Why in the hell do you have white carpet?? It came with the house, and we want to replace with wood, next time we have $2000 to spare)

You know what the whole thing is about- friendship, empathy, and more friendship. I think we need FoxNews to find out about us, and pay for everyone on the roll to come to NYC for a week (even and especially the Aussies). then we can meet.

3. Penn - May 1, 2007

Twenty-two minutes, yes–that should be a motto. If you haven’t been talking to someone for at least 22 minutes, you haven’t had a chance to get past the facade–whatever they say, the truth is probably way more complicated and human. Just seeing other moms at drop-off and pickup in the school parking lot, you might assume a lot… and you’d be wrong 99% of the time.

4. Tracey - May 2, 2007

I like empathy.

I don’t think we’re famous enough to get the attention of the mainstream media. But I’ll be in any junket overseas. Better get on my soapbox a bit more then.

Is it you or the vacuum cleaner on strike, Rootie? It’s me on strike here. I’m surveying this bottom floor/living area and thinking I really, really should drag the vacuum cleaner down the stairs. I’ve put it off long enough. Meanwhile, I should vacuum upstairs, which looks horrendous because the carpet up there is disintegrating (and has been since we moved in 9 years ago). Bits of wool everywhere. Keep putting off shampooing that carpet because it needs replacing, and keep putting off replacing because we are talking extensions, which will affect that area.

5. Rootietoot - May 2, 2007

I’m positive it’s the vacuum cleaner. I tried it and it just went *click*. Plus I’m out of bags which is probably why it won’t go, and the bags have to be ordered because no one in this hick town carries them. It could not possibly be some sort of passive-aggressive response that prevents me from ordering more. No indeed. It’s the machine’s fault, not the housewife’s. Nope…

6. northern girl - May 2, 2007

Appearances can be – well – wrong.

Oh – and vacuum cleaners? I am in love with my Dyson. I LOVE IT. No bags…and when it starts getting wonky, I can take it apart, wash most everything and once everything air-dries, snap the thing back together and it runs better than new. LOVE it. LOVE IT.

Ok – enough marketing. I”m cooking up another post.

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