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Just ‘cuz I think it is funny… May 2, 2007

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does not mean you do. Do you think this is funny?

Why? Why not? Is there some truth to it? Yes? No?



1. Tracey - May 3, 2007

Don’t know about over there, but that’s the old ‘beer goggles’ joke ‘we’ have over here. Nothing new about it. I’ve never really thought it was particularly funny because I’ve never been a fan of judging people by their looks. It’s so artificial, and even if you look at it as alcohol impairing your judgment, it is still basically making jokes about supposedly ‘ugly’ people – by supposed societal norms. But then I think perhaps I should just lighten up. Perhaps it’s a comment on that. But I don’t think so.

2. belledame222 - May 3, 2007

I didn’t laugh, no; the punchline is, “get more drunk so you can forget how unattractive the woman sitting across from you is.” and, as Tracey says, it’s old. i’d say at least they used the same actor for all the shots–but yeah, weak, and old.

and it’s not that i don’t judge people by their looks either; it’s, I don’t know, I find myself identifying with the woman drinking her coffee. dude, sometimes you don’t WANT to be goggled at by some drunken lout (with OR without approval) or worry about what you damn well look like; you just want to read your book and drink your damn coffee.

3. rootietoot - May 3, 2007

I think it kind of makes the man look bad, as if the only way he can see someone as attractive is under the influence.

Advertisement is inherently superficial, and plays to the lowest common denominator. It’s an ad we’d see during a NASCAR race (and I like NASCAR!)

4. dyssonance - May 4, 2007

interestingly enough, “beer goggles” really do exist (as in, someone actually paid some people to do a study on it).

In a sort of “men are dolts” sorta way, the ad is humorous. Most humor comes at someone else’s expense — and this one is solely at the man’s.

Its meant to show the superficiality, though — and does one hell of a great job of it. What’s more compelling is that the model is the same person throughout the video — so was he seeing a fantasy, or what was actually inside her?

(ok, yeah, its reaching, we all know its the fantasy — but I can be positive if I want!)

5. Lainey-Paney - May 21, 2007

I the following thoughts on this…
Not that I think 18 year olds need to be running out there & getting plastic surgery or anything…but society is what it is. And unfortunately, you can tell people all day that looks don’t matter…but in reality, people are judged based on their looks every day.
It does not make it right—but it does happen—all day long.
They feel a pressure to look beautiful b/c “sex sells”, & beautiful, young, attractive, rich people are shown on TV, and seem to get to do EVERYTHING.
They want the life that seems to accompany beauty.

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