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O! Tha Angst! May 9, 2007

Posted by rootie2t in Uncategorized.

In FoxNews Health today, is a video story about teenage girls getting cosmetic surgery as a graduation present.

Does this strike you as unethical or something? I mean, an 18 yr old girl isn’t finished developing. She hasn’t filled out here or slimmed up there yet. When I was 18, I wore an A-cup bra. Yes, a set of C’s would have been nice, and I eventually got them, but if I had jumped the gun and gotten them a 18, would I be as happy with the results today?

 And why do we have a society that encourages a young woman to be displeased with herself to the point where she’s willing to go to such drastic measures? And why are her parents going along with this?

Why is this any different from getting braces or having your ears pinned back? Sure, I can see rhinoplasty or breast reduction if it’s causing problems, but liposuction? breast augmentation?

Why is it so damned important to be beautiful?  What ever happened to sending a girl to finishing school so she could be accomplished? 

What ever happened to focusing on a young womans character, instead of her nose?

Why does Paris Hilton get even more popular, for having a DUI and going to jail for it?

Would someone please explain to me WHY?



1. TullahMarie - May 10, 2007

I’m in Athens, Georgia (home of UGA). It’s disturbing how many young women around here admit to having no interest in actually getting an education. Their focus, from the beginning, has been on being cute and marrying well. Not that that’s a new concept, but I hate that there are women who are actually still doing it (and even worse) admitting it! It’s 2007!! I’ve also learned a new term, “sororstitutes” Vulgar, yes, but seems very applicable to some. It’s sad that we’re stll raising young women that see no value in themselves past their physical appearance. It must be a miserable existance.

2. rootietoot - May 10, 2007

Go Dawgs! I grew up in Watkinsville…

I can’t speak for the whole country- but I think that’s a rather prevalent attitude here in the South. There’s a smaller UGA feeder college here, and the attitude is very much the same. It’s joked that the Mrs. degree is the most prevalent one granted. Having said that- I got my Mrs. in just 2 quarters at Auburn….but I was never a sororstitute. (couldn’t afford it and had too big of a butt)

I am not sure that this attitude it new…

3. R1R2ish (Jersey Girl) - May 10, 2007

Two things- To me, the difference between plastic surgery and braces is surgery, with its potential for screw-ups.

Quandry #2 is on my blog.

4. R1R2ish (Jersey Girl) - May 10, 2007

Rootie, may I say this very, very gently and quietly? The young ladies going for their Mrs. degree want to grow up to be *you*: happily full-time at home, pleasing their beloved husbands, the backbone of society.

Do they really see their value only in physical appearance, or is it just a tool to achieve the place where their values- steadfastness in a shaky world, good parenting and citizenship, contributing to the wellbeing of many, many others (from family, to friends, to bloggers, to Old Folks Pond)- can be fully realized?

If Omega Women Untie! is really about letting women do what they please, instead of what “society” says, why is the “society” that says “go to college to fuel your career” more right than society that says “go to college to marry well”?

5. Rootietoot - May 11, 2007

WEll- because what *I* want is what everyone else should want, too, right? Because I’m right, and if someone wants to do something different from me, that would invalidate my rightness, and we can’t have that.

I say that in jest, when the truth is, the whole notion you’re speaking of is very *VERY* similar to the idea of feminism, that we all have the right to CHOOSE our own destiny, and can’t nobody tell us the right or wrong way to do that, because the paths are as varied as the people.

I believe the physical appearance issue, in many cases, trumps the character issue. There are women with strong values, and there are women who just want to find a man who’s Hot, and they think the only way to do that is to be Hot themselves. Those are the women we see, not the ones looking for a good man to marry.

So marrying well frequently means marrying handsome/beautiful, and that is the message I see our society pushing, especially on the college campuses. Other than the message to get a degree and have a fabulous career. Or both…

Dang it why do you always have to make me think…you and your classical education…

6. R1R2ish (Jersey Girl) - May 11, 2007

Oh, the “marry Hot” thing reminds me of Little Albert and the Piggy Banks!
Once a circus had an act where a pig would put a wooden nickle in a bank, and then food came out for the pig. The circus had to stop because the pig eventually began eating the wooden nickle. He had transferred the concept of the true reward (food) to the middleman (the nickle).
Sounds like some of these young ladies have transferred the true husband (character) qualities to the middleman (“Hot man”), if you see what I mean.
Too bad- wood is a nasty thing to eat.

7. rootie2t - May 11, 2007

We have this friend, he’s very dear to us, who is quite goodlooking in a military sort of way (he was an AirForce pilot). He describes meeting his wife as “I saw her come out from her apartment in a bikini, and all I could do was grope her with my eyes.” He loves her very much but admits to having married her for her hoohoos rather than her stellar intellect.

8. R1R2ish (Jersey Girl) - May 12, 2007

Was she unaware of why he was marrying her? Or was that OK with her? I’m not one to talk- I got married for the wrong reason- but something in me worries about her, as well.

9. Rootietoot - May 12, 2007

I think she married him for the same reason. They’re both still quite attractive, and I believe they both still love each other (at a level beyond physical attraction), but there’s alot of frustration and misunderstanding going on in that relationship.

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