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Dove – ProAge commercial May 17, 2007

Posted by northern girl . in Ad Truth.

Tell me true: how many of you out there use Dove products?

How many of you out there use Dove products (partly or entirely) because of the ProAge Commercials? Tell us what you think, please?



1. Tracey - May 17, 2007

Hmmm, don’t happen to use Dove products – and don’t have that specific commercial over here. Looking at it? I’m a cynic -“So Is it meant to be a slimming product ?!!” All bar one of those women didn’t have any ‘flabbiness’ on them at all!! Pffft.

2. Rootietoot - May 17, 2007

I’ve used Dove since I was pregnant with #1(20 yrs ago), and it was the only thing that didn’t totally dry out my skin. I don’t use it because of the pro-age stuff, but I like the ads.

The one with the nude older women showed at the theater, and the crowd reaction was interesting, tho disheartening. “YUCK! Who wants to see naked old ladies?” was the predominant reaction. I was thinking of how much courage it took them to do that, in a culture that reveres youth and beauty.

3. JerseyChick - May 21, 2007

Don’t use any products. You mean the fat isn’t oil enough to keep the wrinkles away? Durn!

4. fracas - May 22, 2007

Use some of the products, but not because of the commercials. I don’t buy anything based on a commercial.

5. Sarah - June 26, 2007

My problem with Dove is that I think they are cynically using ‘real beauty’ as a marketing ploy. The same company owns Lynx with its dreadful ads showing extremely stereotypically attractive women chasing men all over for a whiff of their manly smell.

6. Jeannetta Valance - July 12, 2007

I,tried Dove a few years ago,the products are wonderful but I,do recall another Dove campaign three years ago.Women of shapes and
sizes stood in there underwear.

A interesting ad campaign I,thought at the time.Then more half undress ads came..No one didn’t seem bothered by it.Until I,saw
this new Dove campaign product ad called”DOVE PROAGE”.Nude
older women,sparked great response for women 40’s,50’s,and older
but unfortunately bad crued nasty response from people.I,felt bad
for those women when I,to saw it at the theater for the first time.It
had to be the most difficut task for those women to over come.

I,support it and do enjoy beauty/health products but it used Proage
long before I,saw the commercial.At 45 I,don’t find nudity bad just
when it’s used to sell products.However if you look at this ad Dove
made sure they cast very carefully for most of those ladies do look
very good,ofcourse there’s nothing wrong with that.
Thank you

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