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A Growing List

We are the few, the proud, the disorganized, the unkempt – the Omegas!

Rootie: Because It’s Personal

Northern Girl: Whaling Season

Crazy Trace (of the Australian chapter): Crazy Trace

Pissed Off Naked Blogger: Pissed Off Naked Blogger

The Know It All: The Know It All of Lehigh Valley

Three Bright Stars: Three Bright Stars

Jersey Chick: The Daily Drudge

Antiprincess: I Shame the Matriarchy

fracas: fracas

Julie: Mean Mom Club

 Jeanie: Jeanie In Paradise




1. Tracey - April 9, 2007

So does this mean we can post here or do we link back from our own blogs? At anyrate, I’ll come up with a blog post as to why I wanted to be a part of it all!

2. fracas - April 9, 2007

Okay Rootie.. I’m in. I thought a lot about this. Because I’m kind of somewhere in between the Alpha and the Omega, I had to decide who I would rather be associated with. It came up clearly… you folks, and I shall try to look upon the Alpha tendencies that I have as flaws which should be dealt with.

You know… I really do think it’s best to be able to debrief one’s husband whenever one damn well pleases.

So.. add me.

And way to go. First NADRUBLODA and now this. Is there any wonder I’d rather fix the Alpha part of me and hang with you?

3. R1R2ish (Jersey Girl) - April 9, 2007

Um, can I be part Alpha and part Omega?
When a lady blogs that she is debriefing her husband, does she mean give him information or take away his briefs? (Yeah, I had to get someone to explain MILF to me, too.)

4. LindaC - April 10, 2007

R1R2ish, I think if you take away his briefs, he’d probably be more apt to agree with the information you want to give him. So, both could work, I think. lol

5. northern girl . - April 10, 2007

Tracey- this is a link toyour blog- post there, spread the love!

Fracas, we’ll let the Alpha part of you be in charge of refreshments. Now I’m thinking we need a virtual block party sometime.

JerseyGirl- I refuse to consider what debriefing a husband involves. TMI and all that. Someone had to explain MILF to me as well.

6. northern girl . - April 10, 2007

Agh- that’s me, Rootie, not NorthernGirl. WordPress refuses to acknowledge my autonomy!

7. R1R2ish (Jersey Girl) - April 11, 2007

Is there such a thing as a drawing of a happy “Rubenesque” homemaker? Can ya’ll put one or two on so all the thin chicks don’t freak me out?

8. rootietoot - April 11, 2007

JC…I’m-a lookin…They’re aren’t very many pictures out there of Rubenesque women that are flattering (ie…they are in too small bathing suits, eating cake, etc.)

9. Julie - April 13, 2007

I was in Alpha hell today, aka the West End of Richmond, VA. We drive into civilization once in a while to stock up on stuff and see how the other half lives. 🙂 Other than “the” grocery store, I didn’t tread on their territory. I lived there for 25 years and fortunately didn’t sucumb to Alpha-ness.

When I read one of those articles about the Alpha moms, I saw that about the debrifing with the husband. If it was a, um, bedroom thing, then no problem. But it sounded soo business like. Creepy.

I picked up a parenting mag in Richmond, one of those freebie things. I had to have something to read while son and hubby shopped for new pants. To my horror, I learned of ANOTHER type of mom….the Total Mom! Lol. This one has 7 kids and homeschools them. (she’s also a “lifestyle expert” and a “television personality”!)She’ll be writing a monthly parenting column for the mag. In the intro, it said that she kicks toys and stuff under the sofa. Her way of cleaning. My thoughts on that: She’s a poser. A Total Mom would have a bin for each toy, arranged alphabetically along with when and where bought and how much it cost. I’m more likely to shove things under beds and sofas.

Or, this Total Mom hasn’t taught her kids to pick up their own damned toys. I think she’s a poser. Her website is http://www.totalmom.com

10. R1R2ish (Jersey Girl) - April 18, 2007

“She’s a poster.” I love it!

11. Tracey - May 3, 2007

Hey! Another Aussie for the Australian Chapter. Good to see you here Jeanie!

12. Crimson Wife - May 25, 2007

Actually, most homeschooling moms I know definitely are more “Omega” than “Alpha”. A lot of them are rejecting the whole hypercompetitiveness of traditional schools in favor of relaxed “child-led” learning. In my area, the Ivy League obsession begins before the kids are out of Pull-Ups. What ever happened to letting kids be kids????

13. Crimson Wife - May 25, 2007

Okay, that Hannah Keeley is just scary :-0 What’s up with giving all her 7 kids “K” names??????

Maybe she’s got “Duggar” envy, LOL!

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