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Hey Mom!


So, I’m cruising through all the MommyBlogs, the Help-Me places and the like, and I’m noticing one very prominant feature. They all offer advice from other Mommies, Mommies who also have small children, and therefore lack a bit of perspective. I mean, how can the mother of a 5 yr old tell a mother of a 3 yr old how to treat said 3 yr old so that child won’t grow up into juvenile felon?  Potty training advice, sure. But you know, in the grand scheme of things potty training is a blip on the chart.  I believe the really big stuff like character, honesty, integrity, a moral center, those things come from  early-on raisin’ as well, and they are going to last a lifetime. 

 Now, I’m not putting myself out there as some sort of Grand Authority, but I have made mistakes, and I can say with a fair amount of conviction what *not* to do.  I also believe strongly in peer assistance.  For instance, I have boys, no girls. Each of my 4 boys is radically different from the other 3, so I have been through  diverse array of situations. However, I know absolutely nothing about girls.  I was barely a girl myself back in the day. So, when one of my boys says “Mom, this girl…” I have to defer to people with girls.  That’s why peer assistance is vital.

Perspective is critical as well, that means it’s important to listen to the voices of our elders. They’ve seen more, been through more, handled more. They know what works and what doesn’t. They understand what’s a childrearing fad and what’s tried- and- true.

So, this bit of OmegaWomen is aimed at the mothers who could use some advice beyond “try Empathetic Communication Techniques, and carry a can of lysol everywhere you go because germs are icky.”

 It’s an open forum. Ask, advise, comment on something that worked for you, and on something that didn’t.  Send your questions, answers, comments and all to rootietoot AT gmail dot com (no spaces, etc)



1. Tracey - April 26, 2007

I’ll comment! But only to say that a) I have the opposite situation – 3 girls, no boys, so I have no idea about boys! but also – b) my three are so different. So, so different, I’ve had to reinvent the wheel with each one just about.
Given that I’m not a ‘girlie’ mum, I worry sometimes that they aren’t getting much of a heads up on the more feminine stuff – if that’s where they want to go. I guess they’ll pick it up from friends if they want to.
Hmm, yeah, so what was I saying? I was thinking that even if, for example, Rootie deferred to me with some question about girls, I am sure I couldn’t answer it conclusively anyway, because I am sure that my three aren’t necessarily representative of ‘girls’.

2. rootietoot - April 27, 2007

I hear you- my boys are like 4 corners of a square, personality wise. I totally understand your reinvent the wheel analogy.

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