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Here – Look HERE May 21, 2007

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Hi – go here:


I think I’m just a little bit in love. Tell me what you think of the blog in the comments, please.


Dove – ProAge commercial May 17, 2007

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Tell me true: how many of you out there use Dove products?

How many of you out there use Dove products (partly or entirely) because of the ProAge Commercials? Tell us what you think, please?

Just ‘cuz I think it is funny… May 2, 2007

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does not mean you do. Do you think this is funny?

Why? Why not? Is there some truth to it? Yes? No?

Honesty? At last? May 1, 2007

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Last week while I was in Pensacola trying to consume my body weight in rum (no small feat), I happened to catch parts of morning shows on network TV. While I chugged water and generic Tylenol hoping like hell I’d be able to pull myself together before 8 am, I shook my aching head in disgust at what passed for morning TV.

I was brutally reminded why I hate morning TV. Again. Of all the blither-blather, which sounded more like “Entertainment Tonight” than “news,” I waded through about a week’s worth of “parenting news” online. For you. Yeah – I love you that much.

And while This Piece reads a little too saccharine for me – call me jaded, whatever – it is stabbing in the general direction I’d like us to go here at Omega. Not just for Moms, but for all women. That, and more sharing of shoddy housework. After Pensacola and almost a week away from home, my laundry room may never recover.

Take a look at the article in the link – and let me know what you think, ok? This is a conversation…

(Thanks for picking up the slack, Rootie, while I was away. You, my dear, are a gem. A giant standing “O” for Roo T. Toot.)

Icelandic Truth April 20, 2007

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Oh, my. This made my morning. (Found via AdRants)


Truth? April 18, 2007

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I get an email everyday from AdRants. I don’t know who these guys are or how I ended up on their email list, but every once in a while they sniff out something interesting in the world of advertising and marketing and include it in their email message. Not everyday, but often enough that I can’t bring myself to figure out how to “unsubscribe” to the email.

(For example, the Dove “Real Beauty” commercials were pointed to by AdRants as noteworthy. I so love Dove.)

So as a category, I thought, and Rootie agreed, that we should create a place to point to merchants who “tell the truth” about their products, use spokespeople who look like real people (versus a skeleton with skin stretched over it) and stay true to their message, despite the fact that they could probably sell more product if they stooped to using pretend testimonials or bandwagon mentality in their ads.

If you find something interesting – send an email to just a northern girl at gmail dot com (no spaces etc.) with a link or at least point me in the right direction and I’ll highlight it here.

Spin it positive.