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Honesty? At last? May 1, 2007

Posted by northern girl . in Ad Truth, Random Thoughts.

Last week while I was in Pensacola trying to consume my body weight in rum (no small feat), I happened to catch parts of morning shows on network TV. While I chugged water and generic Tylenol hoping like hell I’d be able to pull myself together before 8 am, I shook my aching head in disgust at what passed for morning TV.

I was brutally reminded why I hate morning TV. Again. Of all the blither-blather, which sounded more like “Entertainment Tonight” than “news,” I waded through about a week’s worth of “parenting news” online. For you. Yeah – I love you that much.

And while This Piece reads a little too saccharine for me – call me jaded, whatever – it is stabbing in the general direction I’d like us to go here at Omega. Not just for Moms, but for all women. That, and more sharing of shoddy housework. After Pensacola and almost a week away from home, my laundry room may never recover.

Take a look at the article in the link – and let me know what you think, ok? This is a conversation…

(Thanks for picking up the slack, Rootie, while I was away. You, my dear, are a gem. A giant standing “O” for Roo T. Toot.)


Alpha defined April 10, 2007

Posted by northern girl . in Random Thoughts.

I love Alice Bradly – I do – I enjoy her writing style, her blog, her other blog – but this bothers me.

(I should clairfy, too, that Ms. Bradly did a nice job on the interview. She looked and sounded like someone I would like to have as a friend. If Ms. Bradly ever winds up finding this entry, I hope she isn’t creeped out by that statement. I don’t mean it to sound stalker-ish. Really.)

What bothers me is the media pidgeon-hole women are trying to stuff themselves into. That it is somehow funny that the journalist classifies herself as a “beta or even a delta” mom, all the while apologizing for Alpha’s – as if they can’t help it if they are college educated, driven overachievers, who – without a “real corporate job” direct their energy toward their children. Because, honestly, what else do they do all day?

Categories bother me. Hierarchies chafe. And while I have no delusions about my place among the teeming masses trying to survive on this planet, having another system of rank and file is frustrating. Once again, I find I must conform and follow, or not measure up. For someone who is as competitive as I am, that hurts. I can’t do it all. All is overwhelming. All is too much. I don’t want it all. And while I understand the higher-level message is that Alpha is trying to help, I can’t find it in my Omega heart to believe it. Not really.

And then I read this over at a favorite author’s blog, and I wonder if there is any hope for women if we are going to behave in such a way that drags us all down.

Good thing we have Omegas. We take all comers, regardless of social class, skill, size or ability.