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Alrighty then! All over the Interwebs we find articals about how to be a SuperMom, which is just a clever advertizing ploy to make you think that unless you disinfect every horizontal surface in your house on a weekly basis, that you’re doing a crap job of keeping house. Well, here’s a couple of time-saving methods I like to employ.


Let the dust build up long enough that not only can you write in it, but you can scoop it into piles. Don’t scoop it into piles, or write in it. Get a spray bottle that makes a very fine mist, and add a drop (no more!) of Elmers glue to 8 oz of warm water. Shake it good so it’s mixed. Then spray the dust lightly.You don’t want it so wet that the furniture underneath is wet. It will make a nice felted mat that you can peel right up and throw in the trash. I don’t have to dust this way more than…oh…every 6 months or so.

 Pet hair

I have 4 dogs and 3 cats, most with shedding issues and very dark hair. So, I have leather furniture in very dark colors. Problem solved! You can’t see a thing! Everytime someone sits down, they wipe off the hair and everything’s nice and clean again.



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